Tebow tweaking his throwing motion

Coming into the NFL, there was a great debate as to whether Tim Tebow could alter his throwing motion into a more refined, snappy release. After working on it prior to his rookie season, the issue disappeared, but as with most Tim Tebow news, it’s made its comeback.

According to Pedro Moura, Tim Tebow is working with Tom House, a former major league pitcher currently working as a volunteer pitching coach at USC.

The problem with Tim Tebow’s throwing motion in my mind isn’t that it’s unnecessarily elongated. The problem is that the passes he produces using his current throwing motion are far to unpredictable in the air because they don’t hold a tight spiral. While I’m sure House is working on shortening Tebow’s motion; he’s likely more concerned with helping Tebow develop a throwing motion that produces a desirable spiral on a consistent basis.

According to Moura’s report, House has been happy with Tebow behind closed doors, but acknowledges, “the proof is in the pudding.”

It’s always difficult to significantly alter a quarterback’s throwing motion, but the human brain can and does adapt to a wide variety of changes with continued practice. The key here is that it’s not impossible to change, and if Tim Tebow’s shown us anything as a player, it’s his ability to give 100% all of the time.

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