Terrell Owens signing completes the trio of diva wide receivers

This week the Seahawks signed one of the most popular diva WRs of our time in Terrell Owens. Owens is the 3rd big name diva wide out to sign with a team this off season joining the likes of Randy Moss (49ers) and Chad "formerly known as Ochocino" Johnson (Dolphins).
These three divas's use to be the NFL's elite, being the league leaders in receiving yards, touchdowns and spectacular plays. TO happens to be 2nd all time in receiving yards with Moss (5th all-time) and Johnson (26th). Pretty impressive numbers to say the least.
That being said these 3 talents have also created more head aches then maybe any 3 players in the leagues history.
All 3 apparently have found the fountain of youth and are ready to contribute and make one last attempt at winning the big game. Throughout there career they have been called "cancers" to their locker rooms but claim now are focused on just helping the team win.
While the three are in different situations, it is interesting to think who might be in the best position to succeed.
Chad : On a team with a very weak WR core, could potentially emerges the teams number 1 WR and has the chance to work with a vet in David Garrard. While the QB situation is far from ideal, Chad is looking to have a bounce back year and prove he has something left in the tank.
Moss : Moss was who has been rumored to be looking great in camp, signed with the 49ers who were looking for a boost from their WR core this off season in order to help out Alex Smith. In addition the 49ers also signed Mario Manningham and have Crabtree still as a featured WR in their offense. While Moss most likely has the most talent of the three he is also in the best receiving core and will need to impress to become the teams top guy.
Moss's size and speed ( if he still has it ) could be used more as a measure to keep defenses honest than as an actual number 1 WR like he use to be.
Owens: While Owens isn't even a lock to make the roster, when we last saw him on the field as a Bengal he still was able to run solid routes and looked like a very solid wide out. I don't think many question Owens on the field ability but more his off the field distractions. Owens could become the number 1 WR in a weak Seattle offense however 2nd year Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate finished their seasons strong last year and will look to fight off Owens at the top of the depth chart.
While are 3 have the talent, it would be shocking if all 3 produced big numbers this year. Due to the weak WR core in Miami and the drive to come back strong after a weak season last year in NE my bet would be on Johnson to have the best season of the 3.
Johnson has already impressed at Dolphins camp and has come prepared to work and isn't taking anything for granted after last season.
Here is a quote from an article on Johnson getting back to his elite form, "I’ve always been humble, but when it’s time to play the game and I cross the line, I’ve got to be me,” Johnson said. “That’s what made me, me. I’m not a bad guy at all. I have fun. I give you guys things to write about and I’ll do the same this year also. I’ve got to make up a year’s worth of work, so you guys are going to be working double time.”
“I’m working. I’m working like a rookie again. I’m flying around. I’m running around like a young dude, just having fun, being detailed, being consistent and working on my one weakness, which has always been blocking. It’s no secret. Getting open, never been a problem.”
I wouldn't turn my head on Chad this season, he seems like his old self.

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