Terrible Dolphins halftime idea trending on Twitter

The Miami Dolphins probably have the worst PR team in the NFL as it seems they just can’t keep the team out of the tabloids. This afternoon ProFootballTalk.com reported the Dolphins plan on holding a pretty much impossible halftime contest offering $10,000 to a lucky fan if they are able to hit a 60 yard field goal.

Most NFL kickers can’t kick it from 60 yards yet the Dolphins seem to think that this is a realistic goal for a fan.  At this point why don’t the Dolphins just offer a roster spot to the fan that can kick it from 60 yards?

This highly irrational idea started a trending topic of #DolphinsHalftimeContest a couple of tweets can be seen below. 

Kevin Mayer @KevinCMayer

Don’t cry. #DolphinsHalftimeContests


Schmendrick @ATLGreg1

Beat @KingJames in 1-on-1 basketball game, win free Daunte Culpepper jersey #DolphinsHalftimeContests


Matty I @TheMattyI

#DolphinsHalftimeContests Put together coffee table from Ikea faster than Lauren Tannehill


Matty I @TheMattyI

#DolphinsHalftimeContests Beat Vontae Davis' grandma in a 40 yard dash


Tom Stover @Hotstover

Tip a Ryan Tannehill pass, win free Diet Coke#DolphinsHalftimeContests

This Dolphins fan base can be pretty critical as these are the same fans that had a banner fly before a game saying Fire Ireland.

Update, 4:08 PM: Apparently the Dolphins have realized what a joke a 60 yard field goal contest is. Instead, the contest will be from 40 yards out. They clearly want to give that money away.

RT @SedanoShow So, now the#Dolphins have moved their silly halftime FG contest to 40 yards. LOL. It never ends.

Such a joke.

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