Texans’ win illustrates change in culture

So far this weekend, every game in the NFL has been decided by a touchdown or less, with just one exception.

The Texans bounced back from an embarrassing loss to the Packers by thoroughly embarrassing someone else. The Texans beat the Ravens earlier this afternoon an astounding 43-13.

The key to the beat down was the Texans' ability to shut down the Ravens offense in a dominating way. Baltimore was able to muster just 55 yards on the ground and 147 yards through the air on 43 attempts. Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco was able to connect with Tandon Doss for a touchdown, but that was the highlight of the Ravens' day.

The loss hurts for the Ravens, but experience has taught us that they'll bounce back. The somewhat surprising facet of this game was that it was the Texans' bounce back game. After being the NFL's "yeah, but" team for nearly a decade, it seems as if the Texans are finally a team that others should truly take notice of.

The old Texans tended to win a few games in a row before collapsing for weeks on end in a manner long associated with teams such as the Arizona Cardinals or Detroit Lions. This a new-look Texans team that seems willing and able to bounce back against top-tier franchises.

I'm not yet willing to declare the Texans a Super Bowl favorite, but I don't know of any more dangerous teams in the AFC, so they're off to a great start.

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