The NFL Network decides to keep Deion Sanders on draft coverage

If you’re still debating whether to watch the NFL Network’s coverage of tomorrow’s draft or ESPN’s coverage (why you’re considering ESPN if the NFLN is an option is beyond me), maybe the following will help you make your final decision.

An NFL Network spokesman told Pro Football Talk Deion Sanders will still appear on Thursday’s NFL Network draft telecast as scheduled despite being cited for a misdemeanor assault charge.

As you may or may not have read, Deion Sanders took to Twitter following an alleged incident between Sanders and his soon-to-be ex-wife.

While any incidents of assault involving former or current NFL players is always noteworthy, the lack of clarity in the situation is somewhat numbing. Yesterday, after Sanders had very publicly claimed he was assaulted by his wife and one of her friends, reports trickled out that Sanders had also been cited for misdemeanor assault.

Let’s be perfectly honest here. All the pre-draft coverage can be somewhat boring and monotonous before the picks actually start rolling in. So, at the very least, Deion Sanders’ appearance on the NFL Network should provide us some awkward, tense moments when he is first introduced. Don’t let that convince you that the entire telecast will be that way though. It’s more likely that the broadcast will completely ignore the entire event altogether. On the other hand, if Deion Sanders brings it up on air, we could get one of the most awkward 30 second clips of the entire season.

Shane Clemons

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