Yahoo report shines new light on bountygate

According to a Yahoo Sports report, the NFL has a copy of a “ledger” detailing how much money players involved in bountygate made each week. The report states that the “ledger” kept track of money awarded for “cart-offs” and “whacks” while deducting money for “mental errors.”

I’m no expert in breaking rules and avoiding detection, but this just may be one of the dumbest examples of keeping unneeded records in the history of humanity. This is the equivalent of recording yourself stealing from the mob and sending them the tape after the fact.

The key point of this report is that it makes many of the Saints’ current and former players look worse than they already did. When you have a “ledger” that is keeping track of money for “cart-offs,” you can’t continue to claim that you weren’t trying to injure or maim opposing players. Yahoo’s report is one more piece of damning evidence that is making those involved in bountygate look like more than just players with no sportsmanship. It’s making them look like liars too.

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