Titans’ Britt arrested, time for Titans to move on?

In a summer seemingly highlighted by NFL players being arrested on DUI charges, Kenny Britt is our next story. According to WGFX-FM in Nashville, the Titans’ wide receiver was arrested for driving under the influence at Fort Campbell military base.

This isn’t the first run in with police that Britt has experienced. Roger Goodell chose not to suspend Britt for his incidents during last year’s lockout, likely because any such suspensions would have been fought by the NFLPA. It seems somewhat unlikely that Britt will avoid a suspension this time around.

The Titans are suddenly finding themselves in a very difficult position regarding their wide receiving corp. Britt has had multiple surgeries this offseason, and now it’s possible, if not likely, that the Titans will be without his services for the first few games of the season. Considering his continued off field troubles, the Titans may be better off moving on without Kenny Britt.

If the Titans do move on without Britt, something I don’t really expect them to do, they’ll be left without a gamebreaking wide receiver. It’ll likely come down to the simple question of on field production. If Britt is able to come back and continue to be a dominant player on the field, his job may remain safe. If, however, Britt experiences a drop in production, the Titans will have no reason to keep around a wide receiver that has more off field troubles than virtually any player in the NFL. This arrest firmly plants Kenny Britt on thin ice with regard to his job security.

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