Top GIFs of week 12

If you're anything like me, you love NFL GIFs, and this week was full of great ones. Here's the top images of week 12.

Here we have Denarious Moore with the catch of the day against the lowly Raiders. Even so, such a great catch would have been impressive against any opponent.

The Colts have rallied around Chuck Pagano in a way rarely seen. Even their cheerleaders got in on it. If you've ever tried to convince a woman to part ways with her hair, you know just how meaningful this is.

Romeo Crennel is angry. Very. Angry.

The Dolphins are in the thick of the AFC wildcard race, but that's no reason to have a water party. The seen in Miami provided one of the more entertaining scenes of the day.

Few things went right for the Steelers against the Browns. In fact, that's the understatement of the year, but Heath Miller's block below may have been the best thing the Steelers did all day.

Darren Sproles vs. Aldon Smith. The point goes to Sproles.

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