Tomlinson to retire with the Chargers on Monday

The San Diego Chargers said earlier today that LaDainian Tomlinson will re-sign with the team tomorrow and announce his retirement. Tomlinson was with the Chargers from 2001 through the 2009 season, winning the league MVP honor in 2006.

Ceremonious 1 day contracts are nothing new to the NFL. Late last year, another great running back, Fred Taylor, signed a 1 day deal with the Jaguars to retire with the team he was most commonly associated.

Tomlinson was a 5 time Pro Bowler, amassing 13,684 yards on the ground in his career and 145 rushing touchdowns (2nd all time).

Tomlinson was released by the Chargers in early 2010 following a year of elevated tension between Tomlinson and general manager A.J. Smith. Despite the confrontation, Tomlinson was seldom seen as anything but a fierce competitor, and he left everything he had on the football field. Many players come and go, but there are only a few you can point to during any given game and say, “That guy is something special.” Tomlinson was one of those players.

Tomlinson never played for a Super Bowl championship in his 11 year career, but he was a fixture in the playoffs for the better part of his career. Even without a championship ring, Tomlinson seems destined to find himself in Canton, Ohio down the road. He played a Hall of Fame caliber career, and we salute him for 11 seasons of great entertainment and competition. His career was nothing short of great, and Canton is where he belongs.

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