Training camp power rankings

With the beginning of training camp, we can start to see the light at the end of the offseason tunnel. It’s for that reason that I’m going to go ahead and pile on the power ranking band wagon, taking my shot at putting the NFL’s 32 franchises in order from first to worst. Meaningless? Yep. Fun? Absolutely.

1. New England Patriots – The best quarterback and the best head coach make this the best team.

2. Green Bay Packers – Need more from their defense in 2012.

3. San Francisco 49ers – If Alex Smith improves, the 49ers could be the most dangerous team in the league.

4. Houston Texans – Schuab must stay healthy.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers – Starting to get younger again.

6. Detroit Lions – If the Lions’ secondary holds together, they could win the NFC North.

7. Denver Broncos – Is Peyton healthy?

8. New York Giants – Proven winners, but I’m not seeing a repeat from the champs.

9. Philadelphia Eagles – They’ve hurt me before. I’m not sure I can trust them yet.

10. New Orleans Saints – No head coach.


11. Atlanta Falcons – Playing in a tough division could hurt.

12. Cincinnati Bengals – Up and coming team, but I’m expecting a slight letdown.

13. Baltimore Ravens – From what I see, they went the wrong direction this offseason.

14. Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton is scary.

15. Chicago Bears – That offensive line is deplorable.

16. Dallas Cowboys – Romo isn’t what they had hoped for.

17. New York Jets – TEBOW! TEBOW!! TEBOW!!!

18. San Diego Chargers – Getting old and playing in a competitive division.

19. Tennessee Titans – The Titans need someone to step up.

20. Buffalo Bills – Fitzpatrick probably was never the answer.

21. Kansas City Chiefs – Probably the most overhyped team of the offseason.

22. Washington Redskins – Griffin could be special.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars – Underrated team with all the pieces to make a run. It’s all on Gabbert this year.

24. Seattle Seahawks – This is the preseason team to watch with a great QB battle shaping up.

25. Arizona Cardinals – Probably need a better QB than Kolb or Skelton can be.

26. Miami Dolphins – Tannehill is the future, but Garrard may be the present.

27. Oakland Raiders – Raiders could be solid if they can get consistency on offense.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Very little talent and anything but youngry.

29. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford needs a good year.

30. Minnesota Vikings – Hard to imagine the Vikings competing in the NFC North.

31. Cleveland Browns – Weeden needs to learn quickly.

32. Indianapolis Colts – A few good players surrounded by a talent vacuum. Help is not on the way.

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