Vikings back in the Los Angeles discussion?

Vikings fans breathed a collective sigh of relief when the franchise and Minnesota's state government came to an agreement to build a new home for the Vikings. Now, that agreement is seemingly under fire once again, placing the Vikings back in the L.A. discussion.

The newly arising troubles stem from Zygi Wilf's desire to play home games in London instead of at the Vikings rightful home in Minnesota. To further complicate the issue, Wilf is probing ways to shift the team's financial burden in building the new stadium to fans, something Minnesota's governor strongly opposes, and the governor sent a letter to Zygi Wilf indicating as much, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The project’s strong support came from many regular Minnesotans, not just rich Minnesotans, because they believed the Vikings are also their team. If a new stadium were to betray that trust, it would be better that it not be built.

As we've said before, stadium negotiations in the NFL have become very skewed in terms of where the leverage lies. With a potential home available to virtually any willing franchise in L.A., teams wanting new stadiums have a great advantage over various levels of governments and their fans. If Minnesota is serious about keeping the Vikings in town, they may have to bend to Zygi Wilf's will whether they like it or not.

Shane Clemons

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