What they might be thinking: AFC East

New England Patriots

We’re the kings of the world! We may not be as good as we once were, but we still have Tom Brady, and we still have Bill Belichick. Our division isn’t exactly weak, but the other teams aren’t exactly strong either. We think we’ll cruise to another divisional title, and we believe we should sweep the division. We’re gunning for home field advantage for next January’s playoffs.

Buffalo Bills

We signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a big deal last year, and now we’re having second thoughts. He was good most of the time in 2011, but we didn’t give him enough supporting cast members around him, and our season fell apart. Still, we think we’ll be in the running for a playoff spot, and we think that New England’s age and lack of stars may begin to catch up to them in 2012. Maybe, just maybe, we can snag a division title.

New York Jets

We really don’t know what we’re doing. Sometimes we wonder if our upper management suffers from schizophrenia. We keep saying that Mark Sanchez is our man, but then we brought in Tim Tebow. Our head coach doesn’t know how his team truly feels at any given moment, and all that trash talk is beginning to just get in the way. Still, we have a solid roster with a great defense. If we can pull ourselves together as a team, we can beat anyone in the league. On the other hand, our lack of teamwork can cost us a game to any team in the league. In a nutshell, we don’t know who we are anymore.

Miami Dolphins

We have a new head coach, 3 quarterbacks, and no way of knowing just how good we could be. The other teams in our division know more about themselves than we know about ourselves, but we still believe we can do some great things. Maybe it’s unrealistic to expect us to make the playoffs next year, but we want to rattle some cages. This season will be a growing experience, and we can’t wait to get it going.

Shane Clemons

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