What they might be thinking: AFC South

Matt_SchaubHouston Texans

We’re the best team in the AFC South right now. We have a proven franchise quarterback, a high powered offense, and a relentless defense. There’s no reason that we shouldn’t cruise into the playoffs this year, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be lazy. We have a very real chance at a first round bye in the playoffs, and we want that time off. We’re gunning for it in 2012.

Tennessee Titans

We’re being consistently under rated by the national media. We have a solid core group of players and a veteran quarterback that’s been there, done that. If we can pull out a few close wins in 2012, we should be in the mix for a playoffs spot late in the season. If we can sneak in, anything can happen. We believe we have what it takes, and we’re out to prove everyone wrong.

Jacksonville Jaguars

We’re not sure why the national media hates us so much, but that’s just fine. Blaine Gabbert looks like he’s coming along nicely, we have a great defense, and we have one of the most powerful running attacks in the league. We don’t mind the fact that everyone is counting us out before we take a single snap, because we think we have a very good team. Watch out world, we’re coming for you.

Indianapolis Colts

We’re going to be realistic about 2012. Andrew Luck is a great young prospect, but he’s no Peyton Manning, yet anyways. Our roster was in shambles as the Polians left town, and we think we’ve put a lot of young talent in our pool moving forward. Still, 2012 is about developing our team and showing the NFL that we can still compete. No, we won’t make the playoffs in all likelihood, but we want to keep it close with the top teams in the NFL.

Shane Clemons

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