What they might be thinking: NFC East

New York Giants

Even though we’re the defending Super Bowl champions, people are already handing the division title to the Eagles or the Cowboys. Look, we have a great head coach, a great quarterback, and a team that functions as a whole. We may not have the individual big name players that the Eagles or the Cowboys do, but when it matters most, we’ll be there. Can you say the same about the other teams in our division?

Philadelphia Eagles

We don’t want to call ourselves the “dream team,” but we do think we’re a very talented squad. Last year, we had the same high level of talent, but we never came together as a team. A true team can be greater than the sum of its parts, and that’s what we’re aiming for in 2012. If we can become a true team, no one in the league can stop us.

Dallas Cowboys

We still think Tony Romo is a quarterback that can win in big games if he’s given the opportunity. Jason Garrett is definitely on the hot seat, and if the team doesn’t perform well, he could find himself looking for a new job. We still think we have all the pieces to contend for a Super Bowl, but as always, it’s about putting those pieces together.

Washington Redskins

We truly believe Robert Griffin III is the answer. He brings a unique set of skills to the field that no other quarterback, save for Michael Vick, brings to the field. We still think Mike Shanahan is one of the best coaches in the NFL, and the combination should bring victories back to Washington. Still, we have to be patient. We think we have the right pieces, but it may take some time for those pieces to gel together.

Shane Clemons

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