With Mike Holmgren out, Pat Shurmur becomes a lame duck

With the sale of the Browns to Jimmy Haslam officially sealed and done, it didn't take long for Adam Schefter to report that Mike Holmgren will retire as the Browns' president. New owners often bring big changes to an organization in the NFL, and that's not a good thing for Browns head coach Pat Shurmur.

At just 1-5, the Browns have shown little promise despite adding a young star running back and a rookie quarterback to the offense. They're still one of the least exciting teams in the league to watch, and the lack of improvement is concerning, even for the most dedicated fans of the team.

When Jimmy Haslam hires his man to lead the team, he'll likely be ready to pull the plug on the Pat Shurmur era, installing a head coach that he had a hand in picking.

The simple fact here is that this isn't even about Pat Shurmur being a bad coach. This is simply about a new owner controlling his team the way he wants it. We saw this last season when Shahid Khan took over the Jaguars; although Khan did retain GM Gene Smith.

It would likely take a small miracle for Pat Shurmur to hang onto his job past the end of the season, and frankly, I don't see him making it that far. I think it may be more likely that an interim head coach will finish out the season before Jimmy Haslam begins searching for his head coach of the future.

Shane Clemons

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