2013 NFL Draft: winners and losers of day two of the NFL draft

In a Day Two that only saw two more quarterbacks get drafted and the value of defensive lineman and linebackers sky-rocket, the 2nd day seemed to be just as interesting and still confusing as the 1st.

The 49ers made out like bandits, the Cowboys struggled mightily, the Jets got a franchise quarterback, the Dolphins got help at key spots, and the Broncos went with short term fits on Day two.

San Francisco 49ers
DE Tank Carradine, TE Vance McDonald, OLB Corey Lemonier
The 49ers had the unique luxury this year of not needing more than 1-2 starters, having few needs to fill in general, and having far too many picks for a team that just played in the Super Bowl. That allowed them to be aggressive on Day One, and further that aggressiveness on Day Two. They moved up for first round talent Tank Carradine, who will be groomed to take over for Justin Smith in the future.

They selected Delanie Walker’s replacement in Vance McDonald, a tight end that was coveted by many teams. And then they stole the most NFL-ready outside pass rusher in this draft (after Jarvis Jones) at pick #88 in Corey Lemonier. The 49ers have added three potential 2013 starters on defense with Reid in the first round and Carradine/Lemonier here.

New York Jets
QB Geno Smith, OG Brian Winters
After a day one that had Jets fans confused whether to cheer or boo, the second day seemed to solidify what their plan was all along. After getting Revis’s replacement (Dee Milliner) and going  best player available (Sheldon Richardson) in the first round, they decided to go offesnse in round two. After considering Geno Smith at pick #13, the Jets stole the best player in the draft at #39 overall. He should leave training camp as the team’s starting quarterback.

Getting a franchise quarterback on day two should be good enough, but the Jets also got a mauling, physical interior lineman in Brian Winters, who can step in day one as a right guard and provide the nastiness this run game needs.

Miami Dolphins
CB Jamar Taylor, OT Dallas Thomas, CB Will Davis
The Dolphins traded up from 12 to 3rd overall on Day One to secure Dion Jordan, a unique defensive end who can give this defense added versatility. On day two, the Dolphins positioned themselves to fill their two biggest holes on their roster after getting value in the first round. Jamar Taylor of Boise State was considered by teams in the first round, but slipped to 54th overall, giving the Dolphins an instant starter opposite one year-signing Brent Grimes.

In the 3rd round, the Dolphins got an NFL ready right guard or tackle (depending on how he does in camp) in Dallas Thomas. And the traded up into the 3rd round again to secure the high upside yet still raw Will Davis, who will likely be groomed for a season, then planned on to replace Brent Grimes.

Dallas Cowboys
TE Gavin Escobar, WR Terrence Williams, S JJ Wilcox
For  team with major needs on the offense line (even after the Travis Frederick pick) and at defensive tackle/safety, the team decided to go offensive skill position with their first two picks on day two. Escobar is an NFL ready ball snatcher, but he doesn’t have defined routes to get separation consistent against NFL zones. He should be a very solid#2 tight end. As for Williams, he’s a vertically only guy, which, if he pans out, should push Miles Austin on the inside full time to the slot.

They finally went defense in round three, but they took the high upside, low experience JJ Wilcox from Georgia Southern. Wilcox was a running back his first three years in college, and made the move to safety just this year. I’m not sure the Cowboys have the luxury of taking a chance on Wilcox.

Denver Broncos
RB Montee Ball, CB Kayvon Webster
The Broncos needed a starter-ready running back, and they went with the Wisconsin product in Montee Ball. His 924 career carries are a concern, but this pick didn’t really bother too much. They shouldn’t expect him to hold up as a starter for more than 4-5 years however, so he’s a quick fix to play out Peyton Manning’s last two years.

I personally felt Webster was a reach in the late third round, as he’s a short area cornerback only who struggles to get vertical. While the Broncos obviously feel differently and feel he may become a starter he was one of the worst values of Day Two for us.

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