2013 salary cap to top $122 million

There are a number of teams in the NFL that are currently hurting for cap space as they head into the offseason, but they're about to get a little help. And by little, I really do mean just a little help.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, a source close to the situation says the NFL salary cap per team will be in excess of $122 million for the coming season. While that constitutes just a $1.4 million jump per team from last season, that little amount of added cap space will help a number of teams in the poor position of determining who will be hitting free agency as a result of poor cap management.

This year is also the first season that teams must spend 89% of the annual cap on a four-year rolling schedule. Most teams won't be struggling to spend up to the desired amount, but there are a lucky few teams that have plenty of space to play with. Those will be the teams active as we head towards free agency.

Last year, teams were allowed to borrow from future years' cap space. No word yet on whether that practice will be continuing in 2013. Teams that went that route a year ago may be hurting this year because of those decisions. That's why sound management is key in the NFL. Some teams will shrug off cap news, while others are sweating it.

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