5 more things Dicks Sporting Goods can do with Tim Tebow


Tebow benched at Dicks Sporting Goods Store

Dick's Sporting Goods is on to something. The Dicks's store in West Nyack, NY, creatively displayed the dummy bearing Tebow's jersey as benched in a display that set every other Jets and Giants player in a manly stance.

You might say the display diss'd Tebow, but I think it mocked the Jets for their wasteful trade for a first-round Draft pick player they clearly had no intention of using. Who was the dummy in that deal?

Dick's opened the door to all kinds of future wasteful uses of the Tebow dummy. Here are five suggestions.

1. Put Tebow on display in the fishing department.  Lure Tebow fans with the old bait and switch.

2. Put Tebow in the hunting department. Put a camouflage jersey on him so Rex Ryan can pretend not see him in order to reject him.

3. Put Tebow in snowshoes in a high mountain setting. That way, Tebow can be close to the Lord, the only coach who still believes in him.

4. Display Tebow in a hunting blind so he can shoot the breeze. It's not as if he has anything else to do.

5. Put Tebow in hiking boots so he can walk anywhere he wants to go, as long as it's away from the Jets. He earned it. 

Image found on orlandosentinal.com.

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