Aaron Hernandez asked to leave Gillette Stadium

Yesterday, Aaron Hernandez made a trip to Gillette Stadium, presumably just trying to get out the spotlight for a little while. His visit didn't last long, however.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com, a source with knowledge of the decision said that Hernandez was only in the building for about 35 minutes. Patriots security, after consulting owner Robert Kraft, escorted Hernandez out of the stadium, away from the media. The decision was made because security didn't want the stadium the site of a media stakeout.

It's worth noting that most coaches and players are away from Gillette Stadium. Most players will return for training camp.

Per the report, it's unclear why exactly Hernandez was at the stadium, but it seems safe to assume that he was probably trying to just get away for a day. Regardless of his involvement in Odin Lloyd's death, allegations of wrongdoing are bound to weigh on anyone.

Hernandez won't be expected back at Gillette Stadium until July 25. Unless the Lloyd case blows over rather quickly, we can assume that Hernandez won't be back at the stadium until that point.

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