AFC North: June stock watch

Cincinnati Bengals, SLIGHTLY DOWNWhen you're at the top of a division, it's hard to gain much more. News broke this week that the Bengals are the team that will be featured on this year's "Hard Knocks" season. While it's not a huge issue, the added distraction of television exposure won't exactly help the Bengals.

Baltimore Ravens, FLATOver the past month, the Ravens' stock has stabalized, but they're, in my mind at least, behind the Cincinnati Bengals as favorites to win the AFC North. The loss of Vonta hurts their running game, and it puts more pressure on Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. Flacco may have a huge salary, but I don't have a proportional amount of faith he can pull the weight.

Pittsburgh Steelers, SLIGHTLY RISINGAfter a noisy start to the offseason, the Steelers organization has quieted down significantly. Mike Wallace's departure should be out of everyone's minds, allowing players and coaches to move forward. Increased concentration equals increased productivity. The Steelers are on their way back up.

Cleveland Browns, ROCK BOTTOMThere's nothing the Browns can say or do right now, aside from trading for Peyton Manning, that would change my mind about their 2013 prospects. I guess you could say the team is "FLAT," but that seems to imply that they are in decent shape. The Browns are bad, and it looks like that's the way they'll be staying for at least another season.

Shane Clemons

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