AFC South: July stock watch

Houston Texans, FLATThe Texans are atop a week division. That simple fact may catch up to them in the playoffs. Six easy games will likely soften the Texans up a bit, and it's something they'll have to work to prevent from happening. The Texans are still one of the best teams in the league, and with the Patriots looking less and less like a Super Bowl contender, it may be up to the Texans to stand up to the Denver Broncos for the AFC crown.

Indianapolis Colts, DOWNThe Colts are putting themselves in a dangerous trap. They have to realize how much they overachieved last year, and they cannot go on thinking that Andrew Luck is a clone of Peyton Manning. The Colts still have big holes on their team, especially on defense, and the Colts seem primed for a disastrous season. Fans that returned to the bad wagon last season may be bailing if things go south.

Jacksonville Jaguars, UPThe Jaguars aren't as bad as everyone thinks they are. That's a fact. The Jaguars have several pieces on defense that can help them stay in games, and even though they don't have a serviceable quarterback, the Jaguars' offense does have some playmakers. In a weak division, the Jaguars may actually be able to be in the running for a wildcard spot late in the year. They won't get it, at least I don't think so, but playing meaningful games late in the year is a realistic goal.

Tennessee Titans, DOWNThe Titans are heading into what could be a lame-duck season. The current regime will be gone if the Titans don't at least post a winning record, and frankly, there's almost no chance that happens. Jake Locker may be the long-term solution for the Titans at quarterback, but Mike Munchak almost certainly won't be the head coach long-term. Essentially 2013 feels like a wasted season for the Titans, unless of course the Titans turn it around quick.

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