AFC West: June stock watch

Denver Broncos, FLATThere's still no reason to believe the Broncos won't be Kings of the AFC West for the foreseeable future. All indications are that business is going smoothly, and Peyton Manning is as good, if not better, than ever. The scary part is this may be the best overall team he's ever played for, leading many to list the Broncos as an AFC favorite.

San Diego Chargers, SLIGHTLY RISINGThe Chargers are likely the second best team in this division in terms of pure talent, but under Norv Turner, they were never able to show that talent at its full potential on the field. The Chargers can be in playoff contention with good execution on Sundays, and most importantly, efficient play from Philip Rivers.

Kansas City Chiefs, RISINGThe Chiefs have the look of a team that could actually overachieve. Alex Smith gives the Chiefs an opportunity to keep most of their games close, but I'm not sure the talent on the rest of the team is where it needs to be just yet. Under Andy Reid, there's no doubt the Chiefs will be competitive, but a playoff run may be asking too much.

Oakland Raiders, FALLINGAt a time when the rest of the division is looking stronger, the Oakland Raiders look about the same. Matt Flynn is still the wildcard in Oakland, and their short-term destiny will hinge on his ability to perform, but considering the lack of talent around him, it's hard to imagine the Raiders doing any better than the mediocrity Oakland fans have come to expect from the silver and black.

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