AFC West: post-draft stock watch

Denver Broncos, FLATAlthough the Broncos didn't add any blockbuster picks in the draft, the addition of Wes Welker should add an extra weapon to the Broncos offense. The  Broncos are still the kings of the AFC West, and they're still going to be included in any preseason Super Bowl talk, so we'll label them as just flat lining.

San Diego Chargers, SLIGHTLY RISINGThe Chargers are in the midst of starting over without a full-blown rebuild. That can work, especially because there are solid pieces in place, but the Chargers also need to be thinking about the future. That should include finding an understudy for Philip Rivers.

Oakland Raiders, FLATThe Raiders didn't exactly miss in the draft, but they didn't exactly hit a home run either. The Raiders have seemingly found a starting quarterback in Matt Flynn. It will take more than one season for the Raiders' new regime to pick up the pieces left by the old regime.

Kansas City Chiefs, RISINGThe Chiefs added Andy Reid as their new head coach this offseason, and it's given the Chiefs a new sense of optimism. Still, outside of Eric Fishers, the Chiefs draft was only "meh," and it won't give the Chiefs a huge boost in talent. The addition of Alex Smith should be enough for the Chiefs to win considerably more games than in 2012, even though that's not saying a whole lot.

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