Baltimore Ravens to sign veteran TE Dallas Clark

The Baltimore Ravens are at least trying to help Joe Flacco and their offense after losing key playmakers to injuries and salary issues. Now, Dallas Clark will be joining the team, the Ravens announced.

Clark already has one key connection in Baltimore. Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell was with the Colts for Clark’s final three seasons there, and that gives Clark a head start on learning the Ravens’ offensive system.

Clark has 474 career receptions, resulting in 5,322 yards and an even 50 touchdowns. Last year, Clark was moderately productive for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but more importantly, the veteran tight end played in all 16 games, showing that he’s still a durable player.

Although Clark will help out in a big way in the passing game, his blocking ability is nothing special. In Indianapolis, the Colts rarely ran the ball, leaving Clark with an underdeveloped blocking skill set, but like in Indianapolis, his primary purpose won’t be in blocking for running plays. He’s in Baltimore to catch passes and help out an offense that has been hit hard by the offseason. In that respect, Dallas Clark should be a great fit for the team.

Shane Clemons

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