Best 2013 preseason match-ups

The preseason is always a time for teams to do a little experimentation. It's also used by coaches, especially new head coaches, to find out exactly what they have in their teams. This is a short list consisting of the best match-ups from each week of the preseason.

Week One, New York Jets at Detroit Lions: Head coaches Rex Ryan and Jim Schwartz will be entering make or break seasons with their respective teams. Although the first preseason game is rarely indicative of how well the season will go, the Jets and Lions will both be looking for something positive to build upon going into the season. In addition, Mark Sanchez may be relying on strong preseason performances to keep the starting job as the Jets' quarterback.

Week Two, Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins: Don't expect Robert Griffin III to play in this matchup, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch. The Steelers need their offense to be far better in 2013 than it was last year. On Washington's side of the ball, we'll get a good look at what the Redskins look like without Griffin. With as many hits as their star quarterback takes, it wouldn't be surprising if the Redskins need to be able to play well without him.

Week Three, Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens: Cam Newton is entering a big year in his young career. Last season was very disappointing, and he needs to show that he can bounce back. If he continues to show emotional weakness, the Panthers may have to begin considering another direction for their franchise. The Ravens will simply try to get into gear for the upcoming season. Look for them to just get in rhythm.

Week Four, Tennessee Titans at Minnesota Vikings: Jake Locker and Christian Ponder are both entering decisive seasons as their respective teams' starting quarterbacks. Locker has to show that he can function at a high, consistent level in the NFL, and Ponder needs to show that he can help Adrian Peterson win games. Both quarterbacks will need to show their coaches they deserve their teams' starting roles.

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