Bills in a difficult draft position

With no high caliber, or even mediocre caliber, quarterbacks on their roster, the assumption is that the Buffalo Bills will be drafting a quarterback to be their starter in next month's draft. The problem is that they're drafting in an awkward.

At eighth overall, the Bills likely won't have a shot at drafting Geno Smith, widely considered the best quarterback prospect in the draft. In the second round, the Bills draft tenth. Matt Barkley, the second rated quarterback in the draft, will almost certainly be gone by that point in the draft.

With their draft position, the Bills are left with two options. They can take Matt Barkley at eighth overall, which may be  reaching a bit, or they can look to trade up in the first or second round to snag Geno Smith or Matt Barkley.

The issue with trading up becomes leverage, something the Bills don't have. Because they lack a quarterback of starting caliber, teams will drive up the trade price, resulting in a poor deal for the Bills. In addition, the quarterbacks in this year's draft seem to be high risk draft picks with no clear franchise quarterbacks.

In the end, and to the chagrin of Bills fans everywhere, the Bills would probably be better off waiting until next year to get their quarterback. Yes, it means that 2013 will be miserable, but it also gives the Bills a better chance at long term success.

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