Bills quarterback situation bleak as ever

As other teams have found out over the years, Matt Leinart isn’t the answer. That’s the lesson the Buffalo Bills learned after giving him a shot last night against the Detroit Lions.

To be fair to Leinart, he was completely underprepared to be thrown into the Bills’ lineup, and he wasn’t necessarily working with the team’s best group of players either. Still, he needed to show the Bills coaches and powers-that-be that he had something they needed, and he failed to do that.

Leinart’s stats speak for themselves. Leinart went 3 of 10 passing for 11 yards and two interceptions. With his game performance clearly lacking, Leinart can only hope the Bills have liked what they’ve seen in practice enough to continue his extended tryout.

Outside of Buffalo, Matt Leinart did little to impress any other teams in the league. The Bills may be forced to hang onto him for the moment simply because their normal quarterbacks are banged up, but even if they make room for him on the roster, something that seems unlikely considering Thad Lewis’ night, he won’t stick with the team.

The Bills are now entering a potentially desperate time. Remember when Peyton Manning went down for the Colts? That was at a time the Colts had no backup worth playing, and they floundered the entire season. That Colts team was fortunate to get two wins, and that’s where the Bills could be heading if they can’t get a healthy quarterback on the field.

E.J. Manuel, in the meantime, is showing signs of progress, but it’s still too early to determine whether he’ll be ready to go week one of the regular season. Indications that undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel may get the start remain strong, meaning the Bills could be entering the season, and the Doug Marrone era, on a banged up note.

Shane Clemons

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