Brandon Weeden not impressing the Browns

The fact that quarterbacks like Brandon Weeden and Blaine Gabbert are still expected to be starters this season is a testament to just how weak the quarterback market has been this offseason.

Unlike Blaine Gabbert, one of the younger starters in the NFL, Brandon Weeden is not a young starter, although he's going into just his second season in the NFL, and that's part of the problem. Most quarterbacks have young years in which they develop into solid starters. Weeden entered the league when most quarterbacks would be entering their prime years.

For his part, Weeden has been able to hold off Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer, but Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner didn't exactly give Weeden a ringing endorsement.

"We've had a lot of mixed results and more inconsistencies than I'd like, but that doesn't surprise me," Turner said via CBS Sports. "However, we do need to have that sense of urgency that this thing's going to be on us real fast."

At a time of the year where most teams are basking in their own greatness, the fact that the Browns sound like they're in midseason form isn't an inspiring thought for a team that's expected to be near the bottom of the league.

The Browns have a whole slew of factors working against them that may keep Weeden from succeeding in his second season. The Browns lack offensive weapons to help take pressure off of Weeden, and working in a new system will be a difficult adjustment,especially if this is in fact a make-or-break year for Weeden. In addition, general manager Michael Lombardi criticized Weeden heavily as an analyst for the NFL Network, and he'll likely hope to install his own young quarterback if Weeden's career doesn't take off in the immediate future.

Certainly, the deck is stacked against Brandon Weeden and the Cleveland Browns.

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