Browns’ offense promises wide open attack

Last year, the Cleveland Browns displayed one of the most lethargic offenses in the NFL. They were never able to make much progress as the season progressed, and naturally, they're looking to switch it up in 2013, giving quarterback Brandon Weeden a greater chance for success.

"Defenses will be shocked to say the least with how much we're running downfield," second year receiver Josh Gordon said, per the Akron Beacon Journal. "I've never ran this much as a wide receiver ever in my life, and that's a good thing. And not just me, everyone from the slot guys to running backs, everyone's got passing plays in the system."

Today's NFL is all about throwing the football and supporting that with a solid running game. A wide open attack should give the Browns the opportunity to support their passing game with the run instead of the other way around, as it was last year.

The emphasis on throwing will also give the Browns a better look at their quarterbacks as the battle for the starting position heats up in training camp. Right now, it still appears Brandon Weeden is the favorite, but he'll have to pick up the Browns' new offense or another quarterback, most likely Jason Campbell, could potentially catch and surpass Weeden for the Browns' top spot. Either way, the Browns should know who their top passer is using their new system.

Shane Clemons

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