Bush feels comfortable with Detroit’s offense

While Reggie Bush's stint with the Saints wasn't enough for him to stick in New Orleans, it did give him an understanding of a high tempo offense. The Lions run a similar offense, and it's given Bush a sense of comfort in the offense.

"As far as from an offensive perspective it's a lot like what we did in New Orleans," Bush said on NFL AM. "It's a lot of spread-open passing. Obviously we can attack down field, and with the running game, a lot of screens, draws and stuff like that. Basically what I did in New Orleans, so running this offensive system has been pretty easy for me."

Many thought that Reggie Bush was a good fit for Detroit for just that reason.

The problem, at least for Bush and the Lions, is that there are some very significant differences between the Lions and the Saints team Bush was familiar to.

First and foremost, the Saints ran an offense centered around Drew Brees. While Matthew Stafford is certainly a key piece, there's little doubt that Calvin Johnson is the most important player on that offense. That's part of the reason that Bush was brought in. With enough coverage, a receiver can be blanketed. With more receiving options, the Lions should see more success on the field.

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