Cardinals’ success depends on Palmer, Arians relationship

We don't often hear veteran quarterbacks gushing over their new head coach in the NFL, but that's what we were treated to when Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Palmer expressed his love for playing under head coach Bruce Arians to Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver.

"I love the head coach," Palmer said. "I mean, I love the head coach. He keeps it real. He already has this team wrapped around his finger. And we have some talented players in this locker room."

"When you like the coach and the guys in the locker room, and you know you can still play at a high level, and you feel like you can help take a team to a Super Bowl, and you know you’re job’s not gonna be as hard as it may have been before – it’s just fun," Palmer continued. "It’s been very fun since I’ve been here. And nobody thinks OTAs are fun."

Carson Palmer hasn't experienced much success in his NFL career. Even so, Palmer has always been a solid starting quarterback, he's just had the misfortune of playing on mediocre teams, and to be honest, that's sort of the position he's in right now, with one key difference.

Carson Palmer believes in his head coach for the first time in a long time. Palmer, who is now 33 years old, has possibly up to five solid seasons left. At some point, the Cardinals would probably like to draft an understudy to make the transition from Palmer, if he's successful, to the young gun as smooth as possible. I don't think Carson Palmer is being ridiculous, and I'm sure that he realizes getting Arizona back to high quality football isn't a one year job. Still, the Cardinals will live or die with Carson Palmer this year, and if he's confident in his coaches, that can't hurt the Cardinals moving forward.

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