Chris Kluwe says no to the White House in hilarious manner

Chris Kluwe was recently invited to an LBGT event at the White House, and he declined to go, citing mandatory practice as his reason. The way he said it was what made the response classic Kluwe.

"Dear Mr. President (or whoever reads these things, I'm sure he's probably pretty busy (hello underappreciated email answering person!).

It is with great regret that I must decline your invitation to attend the Reception at the White House for LGBT Pride Month on June 13th. I would really really REALLY like to be there, but unfortunately, not even the President of the United States is allowed to supersede an NFL mandatory mini-camp practice (at least insomuchas I understand the new CBA, though I could possibly be mistaken), and as current member of the Oakland Raiders I owe it to both my teammates and my coaches to be fully prepared for the upcoming season.

I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity though, and if anything else were to ever come up it would be my distinct honor to attend. Unless we have a game. Or practice. Or mandatory hot yoga classes (we don't really have those).

Respectfully yours,

-Chris Kluwe

p.s. If you really wanted to, I'm sure I could make late supper if an F35 were to pick me up at the field right after practice. Just saying.

p.p.s. Please don't do that. Then I'd be "that guy" on the team. You know. "That" guy. (Plus it also seems an extremely unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars)"

The tweeted pic is difficult to read, but I think I got most of the email that he had typed up correct. No word on if he actually sent the email, but if he did, he likely made one White House staffer's day.

Shane Clemons

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