City of Indianapolis floating the bill on suite expansion

Colts owner Jim Irsay and his team have been very active in free agency this year, but the team won't be active in paying for a suite upgrade at Lucas Oil Stadium. According to Jon Murray of the Indianapolis Star, the city, not the team, will be paying the $2 million bill for upgrades to the stadium's suites.

It's strange that Indianapolis will be paying for the upgrades, and this will no doubt be a complaint of some residents their. The Colts have been treated very well in regards to their stadium situation since making the move from Baltimore in 1984. This new round of upgrades just drives that point home.

"My question is: Why is the city paying for something that the Colts are just going to make money off of?" City Council member Zach Adamson said, via the Indy Star.  "We’re going back to a situation where the Colts are coming back to the city with their hands out, asking for more of what is limited."

What councilman Adamson says is a fair point to make, but here's the problem. The Colts will continue to come to the city for money as long as the city continues to say yes to such requests. If the city of Indianapolis wants to see the Colts spend some money on their own stadium, the city needs to start refusing to hand over piles of cash. It's really that simple.

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