Could Terrell Owens get one more NFL opportunity?

Although Terrell Owens is 39 years old and has been out of football since 2010, a new report suggests he could have a chance to land an NFL gig at some point in 2013. But is his agent, Jordan Woy, merely using the media to make one final effort to drum up interest in the second-leading receiver in NFL history?

"I know if he goes out there and gets a shot, he'll make a team," Woy told ESPN's Adam Schefter. "We've talked to a lot of teams that have said he's a great talent, we're set as of right now, but if we have injuries, we may reach back out."

But we have no idea if Woy is telling the truth. And even if he is, it certainly doesn't look as though he and Owens are fielding calls. They're making them. So if Woy is calling everyone in the league, some teams are bound to answer, right? And what are they going to say? Well, probably exactly what Woy paraphrased in the above quote.

The reality is that the reward doesn't outweigh the risk, and it hasn't for some time. Owens won't likely land another job in this league, regardless of how much interest his people try to manufacture.

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