Daryl Richardson emerging as Rams’ best running back

Last week it was reported that the St. Louis Rams would likely feature a multi-back system to handle their running game, and that remains the expectation. Still, one running back is reportedly pulling away from the rest of the pack.

“I think Daryl [Richardson] comes back as our starter,” Fisher said yesterday per the Rams’ team website. “He played significantly more last year than anybody.”

While his playing time a season ago won’t be the only factor in Jeff Fisher’s final decision, it can’t hurt his cause any. It also won’t hurt that running back Isaiah Pead is suspended for the first game of the year.

“I’m a good quality back,” Richardson said according to Tony Softli. “I feel I can do it all, be an every-down back.”

The endorsement from Jeff Fisher strongly suggests that the Rams’ starting position at running back is a lopsided competition at best, with Richardson running away as the favorite. It also suggests that the Rams may be forced to rely heavily on Richardson if the other backs prove ineffective by comparison.

At this point, Jeff Fisher hasn’t indicated that the Rams will switch their strategy from a multi-back system to a single featured back, but that’s certainly a possibility. This is one group to keep a very close eye on in preseason action.

Shane Clemons

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