Dolphins’ “college mentality” raises concerns

When you think of a "college mentality," you're probably not thinking of hard work with a goal in mind. You're probably thinking of waking up on a random floor with leftover pizza on the coffee table and beer cans everywhere.

That's why it seems strange that Mike Wallace described the atmosphere within the Dolphins as that of a "college mentality."

"Everybody has a college mentality around here," Wallace told Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. "It’s a lot different than where I came from. Everybody’s hungry. Everybody wants to get better, get to where we need to be — that’s a winning record."

It's hard to tell exactly what Wallace is getting at with such a statement, but it is clear that he's taking a shot at the Steelers, his former team, by saying that everyone in Miami is hungry. The funny side of it is that I don't know anyone that would say confidently that the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't a hungry team.

In addition, Mike Wallace needs to realize the value of professionalism. He's bringing a lot of attention to the Dolphins with statements such as the one above, and if he produces on the field, that's not an issue. If, however, the Dolphins fall flat this season, you'll see people, including me, going back to the statement that the Dolphins have a "college mentality." That statement makes it sound like the Dolphins are more concerned about having fun than doing good work, and that could be a problem.

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