Fan survey indicates Redskins are considering a name change

When the Redskins name issue popped up again this offseason, it had more force than it has in years past behind it. First, Daniel Snyder said the team would "never" change its name. Then, Snyder hired Frank Luntz to gauge public opinion on the matter. Now, Snyder is asking Redskins fans to weigh in.

The team recently sent its fans, presumably season ticket holders, an online survey with questions ranging from where a new stadium should be located to what catchphrase paints the most optimistic picture of the franchise. Many of the questions are insignificant queries, but there's one section of interest, concerning the Redskins name. Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog got his hands on the survey and published the questions. The questions in question (forgive me, I couldn't resist) are below.

Here's the rub, how many people must the name offend before it changes? The final question about the name says that 90% of Native Americans don't find the name offensive. Is 10% enough to change the name? Ultimately, that's a question Daniel Snyder and the Redskins organization will have to determine for themselves.

If nothing else, the continued poking and prodding of public opinion regarding the offensive nature, or lack thereof, of the Redskins' name at least indicates Snyder isn't as dead set on keeping the name as he originally indicated. The team isn't going to change its name in the immediate future, but a name change in the next few years is completely possible.

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