Geno Smith impresses Jets, bad news for Mark Sanchez

The Jets are apparently very impressed by rookie quarterback Geno Smith. Brian Costello of the New York Post went so far as to call some within the Jets organization "smitten" with Smith.

That bit of news is great for Geno Smith, who could win the Jets' starting quarterback job over Mark Sanchez and David Garrard. If that happens, Garrard, barring injury, will likely remain with the team. Mark Sanchez, however, would likely be cut.

With Smith impressing coaches, Sanchez's hopes of staying with the Jets as a starting quarterback seem to be dwindling rather quickly. It's conceivable that Sanchez could be gone rather early in the process of the quarterback competition. Once the Jets realize that he's not their top quarterback, he'll be sent on his way. Still, that shouldn't happen for a while yet, giving Sanchez one last shot at keeping his post.

While there's no inherent problem with keeping Sanchez around after he's out of the running for the starting job, there's also no sense in keeping him around either. With his contract, it would be stunning to see any team make a trade for the struggling quarterback, especially knowing he will likely hit free agency after he's cut.

The real quarterback competition will likely boil down to Smith and Garrard. Garrard has been sidelined the past two seasons with injuries, and he's still looking for redemption after Blaine Gabbert and Luke McCown (of all people) beat him out for the Jaguars' top spot a couple seasons ago. While Garrard may be better now, if the Jets' staff continues to fall in love with Smith, there's a solid chance Smith could take the snaps week 1.

Shane Clemons

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