Is Jason Garrett a boring coach?

Media sessions in training camp are usually a pretty straightforward endeavor. Reporters ask coaches how they think the offseason has gone, and the coaches say how much they're looking forward to the season and they feel great about their teams. Rarely do we actually get a gem from such a session, but that's what happened in Oxnard, CA at the Cowboys' training camp.

One reporter asked Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett if he found himself to be boring.

"I don't really know the nature of that question," Garrett answered via

Instead of giving up, the reporter then recounted Garrett telling his players to be boring, brief and professional with the media. Then, the reporter posed the question again.

"I think boring is probably a subjective term," Garrett answered. "Some people find certain things boring, other people don't. Some people think baseball is the most boring game ever. I was just talking about my dad, he's riveted to 162 baseball games every night. He loves it. Every part of that game. So I think it's probably a subjective thing in life, and I think it's probably in the eye of the beholder."

We're not exactly sure what the unnamed reporter was getting at by asking an NFL coach if he found himself to be boring. Maybe he was implying that the coach wasn't a passionate leader, maybe not. What we do know is that it got an ironically boring answer.

Jason Garrett may not show as much fire as other head coaches, but to think that such overt passion is required to lead a team would be foolish. Tony Dungy led the Colts through their most successful run in recent history showing little to no emotion on the sideline, and Bill Belichick smiles about as often as Kristen Stewart. So, maybe Garrett is right. Maybe being boring is all a matter of perspective.

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