Is there a place in the NFL for Tim Tebow?

With the Patriots’ most recent preseason game came a not-so-startling revelation. Tim Tebow isn’t a great quarterback. This isn’t meant as a way to pile on with the Tebow haters, but entering his fourth year in the league, one would expect a better stats line than 1 of 7 for negative one yard and an interception.

When the New England Patriots decided to take a small risk on bringing Tebow in, most thought that Bill Belichick would find a unique way to use the polarizing quarterback. Maybe something such as that will materialize in the regular season, but to this point, it’s been more of the same from Tebow.

Some had thought that the Patriots would eventually trade Ryan Mallett if Tebow developed into a legitimate backup quarterback, but with Mallett struggling and Tebow completely ineffective, it’s hard to imagine the Patriots ditching Mallett in favor of Tebow as the team’s first backup plan.

A more likely scenario involves Tebow simply being cut from the team. It’s likely the Patriots would at least consider bringing in a different third string quarterback. At this point, Tebow looks like a running back hell bent on throwing the ball, and it just hasn’t worked.

If and when the Patriots part ways with Tebow, and if preseason action is any indication, it will be soon, Tebow will likely resume looking for a team. The problem is, he’s been exposed as a quarterback that just can’t throw the ball. Sure, he can run the ball well, but there are better options in the NFL these days. Tebow was supposed to be the pioneer that led the charge of quarterbacks who can run, but instead, guys like Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick were the ones leading that revolution.

The only way Tim Tebow will stay relevant past his Patriots days is if he adapts. To this point, he’s been reluctant to learn a different position, but he would garner more interest as a strong third down running back or as a tight end than he will as a quarterback.

The market for backup quarterbacks that can’t throw is surprisingly weak. There’s still a place for Tim Tebow in the NFL, but it’s probably not as a passer. As a runner or receiver, he would give his team the option of running gadget plays, but his greatest value would still be as a runner.

Shane Clemons

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