Jaguars assistants given permission to seek new jobs

Lost amongst all the firing and hiring this week was that the Jaguars coaches are still employed, but according to Steve Wyche of, that may be changing.

Wyche reported today that the Jaguars have cleared assistant coaches to seek employment outside the team. In other words, change could be on the way.

The Jaguars finished 2-14, the franchise's worst finish in its somewhat brief existence. As expected general manager Gene Smith was one of the personnel men fired earlier in the week on Monday, but head coach Mike Mularkey and his staff survived the first round of firings. The prevailing opinion is that a new general manager will join the team with the ability to hire his own head coach, meaning Mularkey probably wouldn't stick with the team.

Usually head coaches are safe from dismissal following their first year on a given job, but at 2-14 the Jaguars underperformed even compared to the poor record they were projected to finish with. On top of that, second year quarterback Blaine Gabbert showed little development compared to his rookie campaign, despite having a better offensive unit to work with.

Nothings official yet, but with his staff cleared to seek other jobs, Mike Mularkey may want to think about packing some of the things in his office into boxes. It doesn't look like he'll be in Jacksonville much longer.

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