Jaguars invent new offensive position for Denard Robinson

A running joke that Jaguars rookie Denard Robinson will be used as an "offensive weapon" seems to be taken rather literally by the team. What used to be a joke has become reality, as the young player is listed as an "OW" on the Jaguars' roster, presumably meaning "offensive weapon."

Robinson's number is in line with his draft day announcement of being a running back, but putting a strict label on players like Robinson just doesn't make sense. He'll be a runner in some situations, but he'll be moved around to a lot of different positions.

It also seems safe to wager that Robinson will run option plays from the wildcat formation, or something similar, as well as moving out to wide receiver positions.

With Robinson, the Jaguars will have the ever present threat of trick plays at their disposal. It's something that, if used effectively, can keep the defense a couple yards deeper, opening up lanes for an offense that struggled mightily a season ago. It would seem that the listing of "OW" is the most appropriate label we can put on Robinson.

[H/T Big Cat Country]

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