James Harrison meets with the Cincinnati Bengals

Since being released by the Pittsburgh Steelers, James Harrison has had very limited, if any, employment opportunities in the NFL. The Steelers and Harrison tried to negotiate a lower salary for the 35-year-old linebacker, but the two sides couldn't agree on terms, and Harrison effectively decided to take his chances in free agency.

Now, James Harrison is being courted by the Cincinnati Bengals, according to Mike Garafolo and Joe Reedy of USA Today.

According to Garafolo and Reedy, Harrison was scheduled to meet with the Bengals today, and should the Bengals decide to bring Harrison on board, it could give Cincinnati's coaches some inside information about their division rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Any deal that the Bengals, or any other team for that matter, make with Harrison will likely be a somewhat short-term contract, probably one or two years. While Harrison is 35-years-old, he's also still an effective player. His last two seasons have been hampered by injury, but if he's healthy, he can create havoc in the backfield.

Shane Clemons

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