Jerry Jones defends Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett is not coaching for his job in 2013; at least that's what Cowboys owner, GM and kingpin Jerry Jones would have us believe about his embattled head coach.

"Well, no, no he's not … to the last question: Is Jason coaching for his job? No," Jones told the NFL Network.

Jerry Jones may think that if he says Jason Garrett is his man enough times, he'll start to believe it himself. The problem is nothing about Garrett suggests that he's the right man for the Cowboys' head coaching position.

"What we're doing is taking the assets that we have, and Jason being right at the top and certainly our premier asset, and we're using them to the best of our ability," Jones continued.

The Cowboys have finished 8-8 two seasons in a row, missing the playoffs due to a week 17 loss to a divisional rival in both cases.

One of the biggest problem the Cowboys seem to have is at the quarterback position. Tony Romo plays well much of the time, leading to a number of wins that the Cowboys may not otherwise earn, but he also falls apart in big situations. Two seasons in a row, the Cowboys had a de-factor division championship game in week 17, and two years in a row, Tony Romo couldn't pull through for the Cowboys.

The overarching organizational problem, however, is Jerry Jones. He's all too willing to accept credit for the successes of the Cowboys, and they've been few and far between for some time, but he's also more than willing to pick scapegoats to fire. Following 2012, Rob Ryan was dismissed as the Cowboys' defensive coordinator for questionable reasons. Right now, Jerry Jones will be content saying that Garrett isn't coaching for his job, but if things start to go downhill again this season, Jones will change his tone in a heartbeat.

Shane Clemons

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