Jim Irsay getting in the way of negotiations

As a general manager, Ryan Grigson is trying to get the best possible deal for the Colts while signing Ahmad Bradshaw. With a better deal, Grigson keeps a little extra money for future deals and situations. Unfortunately, owner Jim Irsay isn't making it very easy on Grigson to get a deal beneficial to the Colts.

So to review, the Colts are trying to sign a running back that won't be cheap, and Jim Irsay is tweeting said running back's agent, offering him a pile of "SERIOUS Coin."

Jim Irsay's Twitter account is a golden look into the fun, and sometimes nonsensical, mind of Jim Irsay. The problem is he lacks discretion in delicate situations such as contract negotiations. With one tweet, he's indicated to Drew Rosenhaus that the Colts are willing to pay Ahmad Bradshaw big money, allowing Rosenhaus to press for even more in contract negotiations.

Ultimately, Bradshaw will sign with the Colts, unless something drastic happens, but we have to wonder how much money that one tweet from Irsay will cost the Colts.

Shane Clemons

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