Joe Namath takes another shot at the Jets

Joe Namath has become one of the Jets biggest critics. It appears that he doesn't like the decisions they make, and now, he's gone so far as to say the Jets have been lying to their fans.

"I want to be honest. I think they've been deceptive," Namath told WFAN-AM on today, per the New York Daily News.

Namath also went on to slam the use of personal seat licenses to help fund Met Life Stadium, saying, "I still got a hangup over Personal Seat Licenses. It's greed and it's unfair, but life is unfair."

The Jets have had a rough couple o years following Rex Ryan's first two seasons as head coach in which the team made it to the AFC Championship game in consecutive years. Since then, the Jets have lost Fireman Ed, probably the most iconic fan in recent sports history, and Joe Namath has taken shots at the team, seemingly, every chance he gets.

Furthermore, John Idzik's tenure as the team's general manager has already went through a rough patch. David Garrard had to retire because his knee wasn't holding up to the strain of practices, and it appears Mike Goodson may not be able to straighten his own life out long enough to actually get on the playing field. Both players were Idzik signees, and they have many questioning if it's just the same old song and dance in New York.

Shane Clemons

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