Kellen Winslow provides much needed target for the Jets

The Jets offense was a sad sight a season ago, and if reports out of OTAs are to be believed, that group may become an even more lethargic unit in 2013. That being said, for a change, help is on the way.

With the addition of tight end Kellen Winslow, as reported by Mike Florio, the Jets addressed a major position of concern and added a target that could make a quick impact on an offense that has trouble moving the ball.

While Winslow isn't a tight end that's going to amass huge amounts of yards, he's proven over the course of his career that he's a solid receiver that can often bail a quarterback out of a tight spot. Still, there are concerns about the eight year veteran.

A concern moving forward, at least for the Jets, is that Winslow played in just one game last season, recording just one reception. With the Jets making the move on Winslow in June, we would think that Winslow has plenty of time to shake off the rust, but don't expect him to be as good as the Kellen Winslow of a couple of seasons ago. He may get there, but that will take time.

Still, the bigger concern for the Jets remains at the quarterback position. Winslow could be the greatest receiving tight end of all time, something he's most definitely not, but it wouldn't matter if the Jets' quarterbacks can't get the ball into open spaces. This is where the Jets will run into big issues this season. Mark Sanchez isn't their man, and Geno Smith isn't ready. Even with more weapons, it's doubtful the Jets will be good enough to be a competitive team week-in and week-out.

Shane Clemons

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