Kevin Kolb is confident in Buffalo

Kevin Kolb was initially thought to be the successor to Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia, but that never panned out. Then, he was supposed to help the Arizona Cardinals get back to competitive football. Once again, that never happened. Now, Kolb is in Buffalo as their current de-facto starting quarterback, but his past shortcomings aren't deterring his confidence.

"I'm here to win a Super Bowl. Period," Kolb said at his introductory press conference.

The Bills are currently in a state of flux. Kolb will compete with a number of other quarterbacks, but it would appear that his biggest competition will come from a yet unknown rookie quarterback that the Bills are likely to draft at some point later this month.

"It’s good to come to an organization like this," Kolb said. "They’re hungry. It’ll be nice to come out and surprise some people."

The Bills will be rebuilding their team for the foreseeable future, and although Kolb is in Buffalo to win the big game, it's nearly impossible to imagine them getting into the playoffs this year. That means that Kolb will need to be an integral part of rebuilding the Bills into a contending football team.

Shane Clemons

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