Kevin Kolb’s injury opens the door for E.J. Manuel to win starting job

Going into preseason action, Kevin Kolb is a very slim favorite to be the Bills' week one starting quarterback. That, however, can change very quickly if Kolb can't get back on the football field.

Yesterday, Kolb injured his knee slipping on a mat while transferring from one field to another. Head coach Doug Marrone described the injury as not serious and "day to day."

Every day that Kolb misses, it opens the door a little bit more for rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel. Manuel was drafted as a raw player that would become the future of the Bills, but without Kolb as an option, the future may be here sooner rather than later.

The Bills are trying to focus on winning games now while they rebuild their roster, but that becomes a much more difficult task if Manuel becomes the pick for the Bills. Manuel has the skill set to be successful, but he needs to refine those skills before he'll be successful in the NFL.

It's far safer to develop a young player such as E.J. Manuel behind a veteran that can lead the team on the field while the young gun learns the ropes. Throwing Manuel in the deep end to soon could cripple his development. Still, the Bills have to have a veteran healthy enough to put on the field. Without Kolb, Manuel is the only other choice.

Bills fans are anxious to see how E.J. Manuel handles the pro game, and if Kolb can't kick the injury bug, those fans will likely be getting a look at their young quarterback a lot sooner than management is comfortable with.

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