Matt Barkley could slide to the 2nd round, but it’s not likely

While cruising around the interwebs, I came upon a number of mock drafts, and by and large, they all had one factor in common. Matt Barkley, largely considered the second best quarterback prospect in this year's draft, slid down the board, with some even dropping him into the second round.

The idea that there could only be one quarterback taken in the first round of the draft is an odd thought considering recent years, but the fact of the matter is that's not going to happen. There are too many teams that need quarterbacks, and the position is too important to risk not getting "your man."

Matt Barkley had a very rough final year with USC. He slipped from being the potential top pick in the draft to possibly falling out of the first round. All that being said, the potential for him actually dropping into the second round seems unlikely at best.

If it does appear that Barkley is heading towards the top of the second round, it seems far more likely that a team would make a move to get back into the first round to take him.

The only factor that is truly working against Barkley is the perception that he doesn't bring value. With the rise of quarterbacks not taken at the top of the draft, teams may try to maximize value by picking up a quarterback in the mid to late second round or even the third round. It's that perception that Barkley has to fight against, but considering the nature of the position, don't expect Barkley to have to wait until day two of the draft to get the call.

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